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About  ..... Civilized Models

Thought it might be good to take a moment and share a little bit about how Civilized Models got started ,and who I am..... 

   Well this really all got started a very very long time ago. Pops was building an airplane in our kitchen..yes i said kitchen, condo's didn't have garages back then, and he was determined to build that airplane. I was 4, and wanted to help, but really was just in the way. So dad decided that i should build my own airplane, and 44 years later i'm still building. I love building and have always come back to it even after taking little breaks now and then to do the life thing...but i enjoy life a lot more from behind my work bench. I think it has always made me feel closer to my dad or maybe even a way for me to keep him close in my memories. He was killed in a plane crash when i was 21. I'm sorry he is gone but he went the way he wanted, i'm sure. Well I was always frustrated by the fact that i couldn't build or find models to build that I  wanted to build so i started making parts and doing my own scratch built parts and conversion.  That was all good but what about markings...and so on and on this went till I had enough.     

So over the years I have learned how to do all the things i needed to so i could build what i wanted. I grew up in the 70's and 80's around airports full of ex military aircraft with civilian paint schemes and sport planes, homebuilts, and civil aviation.  Never saw a P-51 in military paint till the warbird movement really went that way. So that's what I know  and love.

I kind of started Civilized about 6 years ago, mostly selling built ups on Ebay. Mostly because I needed to survive. I got deathly ill followed by a motorcycle accident that changed my life. So I started building and selling  and that lead to where I am now.  So I hope you enjoy what goes on here, and enjoy the model kits and decals i'm making. Please remember I am a one man shop and I do it all...from masters, rubber, resin, vac-forming, artwork, decals, box art, Instructions, packaging, shipping, and everything in between...Thanks for your time and continued support...


Happy Modeling!!!!!!! 


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