Shop Policies:

You can find answers to questions or get a basic understanding for what to expect when you are purchasing from Civilized Models. This section below goes into more detail about how we like to operate and what to expect.


All orders are processed in the order in which they come in. Almost all of the orders are produced when an order is received.  Most orders are filled and shipped within 14 days of the original order date. In some cases that time can be reduced based on the size and items being purchased. We can handle a rush job now and then as long as the customer is clear about what needs to be done to facilitate a rush. If we are doing a custom build for you then those conditions will be agreed upon before the project is started. This is a small one stop shop but time is the most valuable commodity. If you have additional questions please feel free to "contact us" on the contact page 


All items should ship no later then 14 days from the date of ordering, sooner if possible. All items are well packaged and are shipped priority mail with tracking. Emails will be sent to confirm tracking and verify mailing address. Insurance is automatically included with priority mail up to $50.00 USD. If additional insurance is requested then the additional cost will be charged to the buyer. We can not be held responsible for damage done by USPS or any other shipper after a reasonably well package is damaged or destroyed. Shipping only takes place after an item is paid for in full. If you have any questions please feel free  to contact us via the contact form

Also if we are shipping a custom  built model, we have shipped over 1000 models over the last 6 years with little to no damage in transit.


Gift Shipping is the same as regular shipping with exception to the following:

It is the purchasers responsibility to get us a correct address 

We will only ship a gift item with proof of mail as well as requiring a signature at the time of delivery, same for custom built model aircraft. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via the contact page


Returns are accepted within 30 days of the purchase date on kits, decals, and conversions. with custom built models there are no refunds  as visual approval via email is required before shipping. All refunds are processed the way payment was received. Custom built models require a 50% deposit and balance paid before shipping. Deposits are none refundable if project is started or first update received by the buyer. All refunds will processed in a timely manner not to exceed 30 days. Also store credit can be requested. If you have additional questions please us the contact page to contact us...   

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