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Civilizedmodels.com February Update

Problem engine cowling solved!!!!!

Well it's that time again...Hope we are all getting off to a good start to the New Year!!! I have been a couple of things it seams...Sick since early December and then I had the pleasure of fracturing a couple of ribs...not good for sleep or even breathing....such a pain, thank goodness for pain meds...but other then that I have been Very busy and have lots to show you and some good news as well...I really think

this year is going to be a good one, off to a good start anyway... So I will cover a lot and I will hopefully

answer any questions you may have but if not please feel free to call me or email me...Let me start with

this about emails...My email forwards to my phone and it seems that i cant email back on that account from my phone soif you dont get an answer from me within 24 hours assume i didnt get it...cause i usually will answer when i see it...I only say this cause in the last few weeks i have heard that emails have been sent to me but i have no record of them..Im having the provider solve it along with a shopping cart issue that should be fixed within the weekend.

Also please feel free to call if you have a question (714) 341-8721 yes i am busy but a few minutes wont hurt anyone...Plus i like getting to know my customers i think we are all race fans at heart...

Ok so lets get to some news....

The header photo is of the 32nd scale Foxy Lady..The kit has gone through some changes and it has also leap frogged me when it comes to later releases. But the biggest hold up has been in the cowling

and engine panels. I have figured them out after 7 different attempts because they are so very thin..in fact they are the largest parts i have ever produced being that thin...I was concerned about warping them or cracking them just pulling them out of the molds...I get that most of you may not understand that but it is something i hate...I have spent time and money working with warpped parts and i hate it especially when it cost that much and it is a limited edition kit...I want you to be happy with the quality of the kit as well as i want you to enjoy building it....be mad for taking to long to me its better then waiting to get a piece of crap...So Ill show you a few pics of it from along the way...I have pulled about a dozen cowlings all are good and as of right now there are a few molds left to do...the kit now totals around 128

parts. The canopy can be posed open or closed, same for cowling as well as gear up or down, a complete merlin tube motor, all the bracing and intake trunks, the wing is smooth and clipped as well as the horizontal and tail feathers, Race cockpit and panel, the canopy goes on in very easy fashion and its hard to botch up, you can display with spinner off and show the spider and H blades..also Radial treaded tires.. it is a very nice kit and is worth the wait...also by doing this kit i have created a lot of parts that will be easy for future racer in this scale..as of right now this is how that will go..The black Foxy will be very limited..im guessing around 75 total before the mold blows up...and after the master is out i am keeping first pull in case mold fails but the gaps wont be as tight if i have to use it because of shrinkage. The next day i am adding the fillets to the master and casting it. when that and the round spinner are done that turns into white foxy, and both sumthin elses...after that 1st pull im going to cut a set of wing castings and make changes to put out Galloping Ghost...because i have all the parts and decal work already done, minor changes and then there will be two options for gg early pointed with H prop and later with cuffed and rounded..but that turns into 5 different 32nd p-51s as well as a good spring board for others...Also during this time I have been working on the 32nd scale voodoo...all of her accessories are done and she will be right behind foxy in the coming weeks as far as casting.


1/72 - 1/48th Glasair solved!!!

Glasair (1/72 & 1/48) are comleted and casting for shipping took longer but it came out way easier to build with the changes made. I am casting and shipping a few each day. 32nd scale i had to have the fuselage reprinted it is being printed as we speak and all the other parts are done so when it arrives here in the next few days it will take a few days to get it ready to cast but way close to getting all of them completed then work on some different versions...but im glad she is close to being done in all 3 scales.

If you dont see the parts layout check the updated listing on the website..

1/48 FB11 with jump seat and longer canopy....

1/48 Sea Fury's: the T-20's are done and now the jump seat FB11 kits are done. I will be adding a lot of diffeent versions as i go on both of these kits. Minor changes on most like a canopy shape but i have the parts to do them in a lot of versions...Cockpits are very nice corrected cowling, all the mods...

1/48 Modified Sea Fury Racers: as of now the only things that need cast are the wings and fuselages for the true moded racers.But all masters are done and Im trying to get two completed per week as its a 2 day event to cast these girls..and my bench is clearing so i can find the time..

1/48 Super Corsair: She is ready to finish but before i finish the wing which based on the Tamiya kit is a nightmare becase it comes flaps down..I wonder if there is a flap up conversion out there...Either way it looks good to me but i want to check before i commit..the final parts...that is 2 versions by the way.

1/48 Dago/Strega: These are ready for rubber it 2 versions each...also they work well doing them together...Most of the accessories, props, spinners are all done just need to cast a few more parts and they both will be really close...thats 2 versions each in 48th scale

Pond Racer: (48 and 32 still with artist..looking good and most likely will be ready before Tsunami. As

a side note i am purchasing the cobra company masters in 72 nd and will have those available as soon as I can...Not a priority in that scale just yet and i need to see the condition of the masters when they arrive later this month.

Tsunami is in the same place as pond work is being done but not ready yet...I am really ecited about the work so far as it is 3 scales and 3 different versions. as work progresses i will get renderings to show off

the two projects are moving and that is a very good thing...just bare with me on these 2

:Gee Bee Z: This project is slow because of me, I need to get some cash together to get it done and its taking longer then expected on my part because its been a little slow since December...Im pishing it though..

Egg Stang: All Done and will be shipping next week im guessing...looks great!

Sorceress... I made changes to the kits landing gear because they looked toyish Im just waiting for thaose to come back and she is ready to go...It will be about 3 more weeks and she should be ready..to go decals are done and sized and canopy molds are done (closed and Short)

!/32 BD-5 News: I had to redo the molds for the 2 scales 48 and 32nd as I have been casting them daily

pretty much..my #1 seller...Hve about 10 going out this week thank god!!!! close to done with any BD orders to date.. Truth is I could have shipped with the older molds but they werent asgood as they should be...So because of that I went ahead and cast the prop version from the masters I had from before that just needed to go in rubber..So I added the following and these kits are ready to ship now along with all of the bd-5 series...bt these additions are only ready in 32...48th will happen around summer or if i slow down..

They are listed on the website under 32 new releases or civil

BD-5 A Prop with 14 foot span

BD-5 B/D Prop with 21'7 Span

BD-5 G Prop with 17 foot span

BD-5J Stock N5BD (5J on stock Paint)

BD-5J Bond (007)

All are on the site check em out

Built ups: Ok yes i am doing a few and yes they are getting closer...I know I have been behind and it sucks...but they are coming along, be patient and i promise you will be very happy when you get them..some need the masters completed still so jst hold on...Im making good progress...

Orders: I am filling orders as fast as i can i have about 80 orders pending, Im shipping what i can as fast as i can...I have an order in for landing gear and a lot will go when it arrives...But everyday something is leaving...so soon you will have yours...

1/48 voodoo: I have a few on order for a couple of months now...and i just got the master repaired from the last casting go around,,last mold collapsed in the Scoop and cheeks so had to do again...Sorry I may have told you it was close but then that happened...

ok I am going to shut up now, I am working and making progress on all fronts even the ones im not hands on with yet...I know it may seem slow cause we all want our stuff as soon as we can get it and thats what I am working to provide...It always helps when the store is busy , I thanks you for your support and your patience...

Talk soon and if you have questions please feel free to email or call






714 341-8721


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