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September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilized Models "Just putting it out there!!" (Please read updates and news to follow)

February 15, 2018

   Ok, well welcome to this Owners breifing...Lets start with I got my ass handed to me by a customer after the fact and online. I get that it comes with the territory and I run that risk being online and you can't please everybody...I was really pissed at first and then I thought about it...some of what he said was true and some of what he said was Bull.. He did'nt read anything on the site he ordered, thinking this is Tamiya America, over here and proceeded to blow me up and trash my work..it got me to thinking and im going to share this with all of you as to where I am and where I am going with this little one man shop, or at least I hope this goes. 


  So his biggest bitch was the amount of time it took to get his item, and as much as I hate to admit it, he is right just simply based on the fact that i hate the idea of being behind on orders. But he got his product and then describes it as majorly flawed...but sure as hell didnt say a word to me...didnt ask for a refund and only expressed how happy he was that this stuff is even available while expressing he was completely  unsatisfied with the company.

  Now thats all fine, he can say whatever he wants and I am ok with it.. But it did make me realize a few things so I am going to share these things with you. as I do believe it will have an effect on the way the future of this business runs.


The Pics you are seeing are of the multi million dollar facility in which Civilized Models and all of our employees, create thousands and thousands of models and dollars... Oh wait no it's not, it's my half of a two car garage work space. In which I do every single action that leads to a product worth selling.


It's true I do it all with the exception of white metal landing gear and falcon canopies in the near future. But besides that I do everything. From idea to design to development, masters, molds, casting, bagging, boxing, decal artwork, vacforming, instructions, box artwork ,test build, test fit decals, website listing, advertising, order taking, packaging, postage, shipping, and then customer service, and all this is happeneing while i'm figuring out the next kit, conversion, parts, decals or whatever it is that has to be done from handyman to admin and supplies.


And you know what? I "F"ing love what i do and am very excited to do more and more of the stuff we all know will never be done by the big injection guys... You know why they won't do it? Because they can't afford too. They would lose their asses doing this stuff, but i just might be able to get away with it, If i had 100 people who bought everything i did i could aford to do this full time with help.. Key word with help...


I started this business because of personal circumstances, between a life taking super bug and a horrible motorcycle accident it was all i could do to make money from my home...but it worked and here we are. I really didnt think it was going to blow up, I thought I would have a little time to figure out how it would go before i started pushing...It didnt work that way...at first a little bit, in fact at first i thought i was wasting my time, my 1st order came 34 days after the website was up...then it picked up for a week or two then reno hit......300 orders in 10 days...want to talk about trial by fire...well i have been learing since, and finding better ways to do things and to evolve into a smooth running machine all by myself. 


Things will only get better, and as the support grows and people buy more the sooner i can expand and pick up some help to make it even better. Help will make a huge difference but until the numbers make sense it won't happpen. I'm not going anywhere, I'm Sticking to it and have all kinds of fun stuff happening.. You know I started this in the middle of last year and have released over 40 models or "versions of" in that time? Cause i can't believe it..I work 16 hours a day 6 days a week sometimes 7 cause sunday is paperwork, decal day.. There is so much more I want to share with you like over 300 different sets of decals for almost all civil aircraft, most never done before and a few that have been and some may look like artwork i have done for other decals and kits.. 


So i will say this, be patient, know that i am doing everything possible to get better and to do more and to streamline things. For the moment i can only ask that if you want to show support buy something, buy a lot of things, cause this will lead to things getting faster and remember..some of these kits may not have the molds renewed cause they arent selling and others may get retired. So if you want them get them while you can. I am thinking that i am going to go to a limited Edition Line on everything..something like a 100 copies until such a time it makes sense to continue with more. I am only online and facebook for now. I will be starting a snapchat, and twitter feed as well. Also looking into distributors  and  soon we will be getting reviews done on SAM, SAMI, IPMS, and FSM. 


So i hope this makes sense, and thank you for taking the time to read it..


I will put out a second post for updates and some news
























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