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September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilized Models News and Updates

March 16, 2018

OK...well it has been about a month since i updated folks on the "goings on" here..So Here we go

I do have a lot to go over so I will cover some of it quickly and if you have questions please feel free to contact me via email, messenger or feel free to call...



I have just recently found out that there was an issue in regards to emailing from my phone as well as a server issue on the website. As far as I can tell it has been resolved and did not affect the sites overall operations or any orders made through the automated check out system. If you have emailed me as far back as Feb 2nd and did not get a response from me, that is why and i am sorry, I was unaware of the problem until someone reached out to ask about my well being via messenger on facebook... I tend to get back to customers as quickly as possible...I did respond, you just didnt get it...but its all better now.


New Operating System:

I am in the process of casting an additional 5 kits of every model i offer and will maintain them as a base for a new Replenishment type of inventory system. This will help cut shippnig times down to a few days instead of the way it has been done on a per order system. No more waiting longer then needed to get kits from me in the future. I have started this while casting new orders and have found that there are a few kits that are close to being semi retired till new molds are created. If it is still listed it is still available.  I am working to get the new inventory system done by months end.


Shipping and Backlogs:

I have been very busy casting parts as I work on Built up orders and New Releases. 


1/48 BD-5J's: Have shipped 50 kits out have about 45 more that are going out this coming Tuesday


1/32 BD-5J's: Have Shipped 30 and have another 40 going out on Thursday

Note: If you were a pre-order you know the deal and it took longer to Cast the bonus (if you Pre-ordered and didnt get ahold of me then you have till the end of March after that im sorry..)


1/72, 1/48, 1/32  F-1 Racers: Have shipped 3 and have 5 going out this Tuesday...great little kit Very Low Interest...so we will see about future F-1 Racers.. 


1/72 Glasairs: Shipped 10 will ship to current on Tuesday 


1/48 Glasairs:  Had an issue with the canopy fit, it has been corrected and I will begin casting them during the following week. Had to have the canopy redisigned and re printed. Its back and in Rubber.


1/32 Glasair: Same issue as the 48th version and the reprint is in progress as we speak. Hope to have new parts back in the next 10 days. Will start shipping a few days after that..


1/72 Racers:  Have shipped 43 in the last few weeks and will be shipping 67 more during the coming week as they are packaged. This includes New Releases. 


1/48 P-51 Racers; Have shipped all but 7 and they are cast and being packaged for shipping will start going out tomorrow. Also still have a few 48th voodoo's from Reno left..but not many.


Built Ups: I have 12 Built ups completed and was ready to ship. Had a water heater give up and soaked the packages that had to be repackaged and they are about 5 days behind on shipping but should all go out by Saturday...(When it rains it pours)


 I should be caught up through today by the end of the month with all kits ordered as well as built ups


Pre-Orders: In Progress

Sorceress: Master was Printed in the wrong material. It has been corrected In all 3 scales and is on it's way here in the next couple of days, It is a smaller kit and wont take much to get molds done Im guessing it will start shipping towards the end of the month in all scales.


Pond Racer: We only need to do some minor detail stuff/ Cuts, and can get it off to the printer as well as canopy masters off to Falcon. I have 2 scale being printed but may do others if their is enough interest. This is Running longer then expected but not by much a couple of weeks. Im thinking shipping by early to mid April.


Tsunami: This is the biggest project I have ever taken on, It is going very well and the detail info has been being added and changed, as we go as we are covering 3 different versions. I feel that we should have it at the printers by the end of the month. Running a little behind as well but not bad for being 9 models, 3 version in 3 scales.....But i can't wait to build it!!!!


New Pre order Policy: (till I figure out if it works or not)

Ok so pre orders are always going to be a part of what i do, It helps to get products done and insure that there is interest in the Item. I am trying something new...and here is how it will go:


1. Pre-orders will be offered in a limited number say 10 to 15 kits

2. Pre-order pricing will differ from the retail price at release of the item

3. Pre-orders will get their kits as 1st pulls and 1 to 2 weeks before release date.

4. Pre-orders will include a bonus set of Decals or an option not available otherwise.

5. Pre-orders will get 2 complete kits in 1 box that is only for pre orders

6. Pre-orders will be numbered.

7. All pre orders are created with a 90 day window for shipping but could be sooner


I feel that this is a fair way to do this, I get an injection of revenue to help complete the project and

you get a lot for your money. This is why it is limited to a small number of kits. Also It will reduce the number of kits available as from this point forward Kit releases are limited to 100 copies. Not to say that it couldnt be re-released as a different version but this is a NIche market and this is the only way i think this works till I grow the company to handle more but either way the Pre orders will be limited and very unique. Also not all kits may have a pre-order option. Lastly this is starting on all kits that the pre order is offered on starting now. I feel this will be good for all of us...and away for my clients to get something very unique and maybe even collectable down the road. 


There are New Pre-Orders listed on the site.


Decals, Conversions, and Parts:


I have a large number of decal sets that i am going to add to the website over the next couple of Sundays as that is the only day that i stay out of my shop unless im very busy.

They are available in all scales and listed in one tab but you will be able to chose the scale in the order. They will include instructions and photos when possible. Just need to figure out the instruction layout and I am close to that. 



I will be listing new conversions that dont require cutting if possible. It will be for stock mods or civil changes to make racers, warbirds, or civil aviation changes. These will include decals and instructions as well as photos when possible



I will also be adding parts to the website for the different scales. Things that will help complete projects you may have going or want to do. Like H model props and spinners, race wings, Wheels and tire Sets. Plus I may sell off any left over parts from a kit or conversion run.


So that's a quick overview of where i am and what i am doing... Im doing all that I can to hear you guys and fine tune this monster before i really start pushing the growth...Lots of cool things still coming and there are a few new kits and pre orders on the website from today. If you have any questions or have an outsatnding order you mostl likley fall into the shipping list from above.


Thanks and please feel free to stop by the website








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