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September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilized Models News and Update!!

April 28, 2018

 Well here we are again with more news and updates...Someone made mention to me that

I have never published a photo of the BD-5J In 1/32, so here it is..It is the complete kit minus 

decals.  There are other photos of new relases down below...but lets get to the news and updates 1st..



Civilized will have product at the up and coming Chiino Air Show May 5 & 6 th I believe those are the dates.. Wont be a lot of it but you can walk away with it...Just sayin...It will be at the Valley of Speed Tshirt both across from the food court...I will be at the show working but it would be great to meet any of you that will be there..


I will be adding different social media to the mix and Im going to start popping out pics of works in progress to make it easier to follow whats happening...


As far as getting product out, It has been a good run for the last coule of weeks getting orders together and I now have help with it so it will get much quicker not having to do all of it myself, at the moment

the shipping list looks like this and with exception to pre orders, all orders will be filled by the end of next week. That includes all of the following...


56 -1/72 Racers

24 - 1/32 BD-5J's Had a little delay on these but they are all better now and just need to box and ship

1 - 1/48 voodoo

7 F-1 Racers all Scales


So watch your email this week for mailing info...


Pre - Orders:


Tsunami Is Getting uploaded to the printer on monday final touch ups this weekend..will get renderings posted sometime next week.


Pond Racer: Is being printed and masters should be here in the next 10 days


Sorceress: is printed and after a little mix up on its way here..should have in rubber by weeks end if all goes well..


Glasair: All Scales  needed corrections, have been done and the parts to make the new canopies are being molded and in 18 hours I can start testing new molds ( this will change the way I do canopies if it works for me,  I spent a lot of time on this over the last month It will effect every kit from here out if it works...


F-1 Racers: Early Version in all scales had to change the shape of the tail feathers to correct them its all done and kits are packed and ready to ship.


All of the new 1/48 Pre orders are coming along very quickly as I can do all of the work in house and im not going back and forth with designers or printers...So Im very excited as they are looking very cool...


1/48 Bd-bonus's will go out next week there are only a few but I had to get all the original orders out first

and they are except for one...


1/32 BD Bonus's will ship with original order...As of right now there are only 25 to ship...


Egg Stang Is Starting to ship on Monday


Ok i think that covers that...


Product info:


Officially Sold out of 1/72 Speed and Reno Voodoos...Close the book on that, Still have a few 1/48 though i believe.


Added New Yak- 11 Single seat racers and will be adding more over the next few weeks. 



 Added Pics to 72 nd Furias on the site so you can see the resin as well as the Yak -11 2 seaters on the page. 


New Relases:

1/72 Yak-11 Single Seaters (6)

1/72 Jeannie 3 Versions

1/72 Miss Candace ( Couple Versions)

1/72 Leeward Race 44

1/72 Racer X Specter

1/72 LAR Special Race 9

1/72 Yellow Late Version of Furias



                                                                        Race  44, and Jeannie



There are Still a few Pre order Special Deals Available, I will be pulling them down over the next week or so as I will be within a few weeks of starting to ship...


If you are waiting on an order and you want to add anything over the weekend I will not charge for shipping and will add to existing orders..I will be able to get evrything out together this week...


I want to thank all of you for your patience as I get things all figured out and moving forward things are going to get much better....Stock is coming along.


Have a Great Weekend and I hope to see all of you out at Chino...Voodoo is Flying...Gonna Be good to see her in the air again....






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