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September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilized models News and updates

May 21, 2018

Ok so time jst keeps flying by and, I am getting more and more done and closer to catching up...Yes there are still hiccups now and then like a mold blowing itself up, but closer. I have about 10 more packages to ship in the coming days and i will be current with all the orders minus the presales not ready yet...I must say it feels good to get this close considering where i started from and how long i had been behind. Oh ya and I am filling the bonus orders on the BD-5s over the following week as I had to do another accessories mold for it. So I guess i will get to the update now....


Fun Stuff:

I have been getting pictures of completed models from some of you and they look great, I love seeing them built..So please keep it up, I will be adding a page for them to the website soon... I had a very cool life moment here recently after I built the Egg Plane Voodoo and a base for it...I gave it to Steve Hinton Jr. at the Planes of Fame Air Museum, and had the opportunity to sit inside Voodoo while we talked for about an hour..Very Cool Guy...and I must admit Voodoo's office is pretty small for a 6'2' guy like me..



Tsunami:  Final Stages of clean up work on files. Mostly working cockpit, Gear legs, and Bays.. Another week and she should be off to the printer..(Very Excited, Will post renderings when they are final)


Pond Racer: I am adding 72 scale to the Kit and will offer it soon, The masters are being printed now,

should be heading this way next week some time. ( Will also post some renderings when I can)


Sorceress: Is here and I am getting her prepped for rubber over the next week while working other things.


1/32 Foxy Lady: I am starting the molds this week. It is based on the tamiya 1/32 Mustang and it is going to be very nice, It Is a priority for me as It is good Practice for the Large scale Tsunami. I am pulling the Preorder deal on it off of  the site Friday as I expect to be shipping the pre order kits within a few weeks...So if you want the deal get it while you can.


Glasair: The hold up has been the canopy, I dont like it, I had re-design it and now I am doing the molds for it so it will be the First clear cast parts I have done...It is a great way for me to prefect my skills with the clear that will find its way into all of the kits in the future . This thing is days away from being behind me..and to be honest I only have like a total of 6 that were even ordered. Im sure that will change when people see how cool it is....LOL


1/48th Racer Pre-orders: These are all inhouse so I will be postings progress pics over the next few weeks. Strega is very close as is Dago. The others are in progress and these are going to moer fast as I plan to have them at the IPMS Nationals in Arizona along with a few other things. If yo want in on the pre order deals then get them while you can. I will be pulling them from the site soon!


BD-5's: I will be offering a few new paint schemes in a few weeks as well as the Prop Version of the model. I am curious to know if there wold be any interest in the model in the Larger scales,like 24th or even 18th? Let me know Im sure it is a limited few of you that wold want it but let me know .


New Stuff: Well I have no choice but to put new stuff out all the time, and after doing Miss Candace I realized that with some minor changes i could almost do her entire history from Cliff Cummins to Leeward so I did... I have the Miss candace stock decals ready and will list them on the site in coming days. I have been pushing to get caught p on orders so not much in the way of adding content but that is changing as of this week...I have a ton of work to do and I am just about caught up... So the kits are listed in the 72 scale hangar and New/Future releases.. I am going to add more pics to them during the week but they are available...











































Ok well I need to get back to work if i plan on getting everything done that i have to do...If your waiting its coming and there are only a few of you now.. Also my stock isgetting bigger every day so the reality of little to no wait time is getting closer to a reality as well as a major priority for me...


Please have a great day and feel freeto buy all the racers you want...!!

I thank you for your support...
















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