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Civilizedmodels.com September Update

September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilizedmodels.com "After the 4th Sale!!!" and Update

July 7, 2018

Well........ Happy 4th of July!!!!


So here we are starting the second half of 2018...It is almost my one year anniversary and time to go 

to my 1st show on the road...Been really really busy for what seems like forever...7 days a week till 1 or 2 in the morning just about every nightt. But i love what i do so i wont complain...Just wish i had one more of me to help with getting things done... So to start off I am running a sale from today till Tuesday 4 days for the 4th. Wanted to run it sooner but it takes time to do computer stuff...Well anyways i have added a few new things to the sight, and I am going to give all of you an update as to where and what is going on aorund here...


July is a very busy month for me as it is leading into the IPMS nats in Phoenix Az. the 1st week of August and I will be attending with product on hand. New and older. I will have some decals as well but not a ton.


Before i get there I am looking to get a lot of stuff shipped. I dont have a huge new order backlog and the orders I do have should be shipping during the next week to 10 days and that includes misc things people needed from me. I have blown through a few sets of molds that are being redone over this weekend and it includes the BD-5s and all of the 72 Mustangs as both molds are for the accessories to each of those. But they are easy molds so all should go well. I havent been able to do them till this week as I was wainting on a rubber delivery.




Tsunami... Biggest Project of my life to date....It Is going through final 3D Checks...as of now I think its good enough to get printed and some of it may need adjusting but that can be handled on a part by part bases. As long s the parts start showing up by the end of the month I am setting a ship date of Aug 25 on all 3 scales and versions... Really want to get this done..It has been a royal pain but it is also a learnng curve for future large scale projets...And i will be happy to have it behind me...And just to put it out there please feel free to buy way more of them as the cost is unreal!!!!


Pond Racer: This will ship by the end of the month. If I have my way, Im trying to have it for the nats..both scales...


32 Foxy Lady:  It will be shpping by the end of the month if not sooner, She looks good and is in rubber  as we speak and I will have 1st pull pics in the next few days.. This leads to the New Pre sale on the page for Sumthin Else The 79 RENO Champion as well as the last year of Sumthin else before conversion back to stock. Also there are 2 Preorder Specials for foxy still on the page...they are a 2 for one deal, They come down at the end of the sale..Last chance for a good Price on a 32nd scale kits


1/48 Current Pre order Specials:

Dago: Ready for Rubber

Strega: Ready for Rubber

Super Corsair: Ready for Rubber

Furias: Reaady for Rubber

Dreadnought: Ready for Rubber


All of these kits will be shipping this month as I will have them at the Nats. The sale on these ends with this sale and they will be listed as single kits at a higher price. The Pre Order Specials are 2 complete kits of different Versions...Get them while you can..Here are some pics from along the way during the conversion process...


 Furias. It is pretty much the same from early to late with exception to decals. It is a very big prop job I must say along with dreadnought. Good news is that while doing the conversion I also did the parts for every version of Furias. From havenought to now..You will see options on the site soon..When your already in it , it's not hard to do more! 




Early Version of the Super Corsair

The late version includes parts to update the kit, like a fillet for the tail and different exhaust doors..There might be another option in the future on this one but really its minor changes..







Late version of Dreadnought the early version has the short tail replacement. Not a lot of difference other then that, that you can see anyway..










Late Strega The early Version has a different Scoop, Wing tips,  as well as other markings. I will do a few more versions of this bird down the road..and Decal options.








Early Dago Red, has the 1982 flip up canopy and the later has the slider..

There will be a few options on this kit in the near future it has a long history











This is New...1/48 Conversion for the

Airfix Sea Fury. It will convert the kit

into a Civil T-20. The conversions include tail feathers, cockpit, canopy,,

Wheels, metal gear, Decals, prop and spinner for 4 bladed airplanes. Fits well, Looks great..... Cotton Mouth, Sept Pops, 924, Nuthin Special...Options on the site and this will start shipping in the next week or so....



Glasairs, wiil ship in the next 10 days, Started casting the new parts and just need to bag and box the few that have been sold. 


Sorceress: Is back and I need to clean her up and test fit parts, make corrections and get her ready for rubber...I expect to have her alll shipped by months end..Its only a few that need to ship..


Bd-5s: I have a few New decal schemes coming for these in the near future, Still need to ship a few of them but cant till new molds are done hoping by mid week if all goes well...


Built ups: If i am doing a built up for you it is most likely a kit from the list above, and the status of those is controling speed but should be soon, I am doing some built up work for a very good friend/customer and Im really trying to get cleared of any back log builds i have going so i can continue to help him with his collection...


Misc. Some of you are wainting on stuff from me and it is coming, decals, bonus kits, as well as other little things..Im gathering all that stuff up and packaging it tomorrow with what i can some will have to wait till molds are redone later this week...


New Stuff:

Besides the T-20 Conversion I have listed the following for pre sale specials, same as I have been doing with the last ones...






Here is one option for the T-20 and it is set at a very Fair Price...Pretty cool I have always wanted to build this airplane...Now Im going to....LOL









With Furias being completed it required that I cover the most difficult aspect of Sept Fury as well as the older Furias line.. So this is already on the bench and will be done by next month...best price you will get is the pre order version and i really dont think it will last long on this one, Have been asked a lot abot it. 






Doing this cause i want to give it to a really cool young man who spent a little time on a wing bull shitting with me...It was a moment in time i will cherish , but this is for me and so you will benefit. there are 15 pre orders for this and I am only going to do 25 of each unless people show me more it is a very expensive kit to produce and it is based on the Tamiya 51 and will have some very cool options..dont wait on this one.....Just Sayin!




This is Just the obvious next release for 32 nd scale, Minor changes and decals and there you have it...Sumthin else, Even the same Molds for most of it so Get it while you can..I have 15 pre sale  combos listed and again Ill be so suprised if i sell 25 of them but its like pocket Aces...You have to bet...oh and because im doing this one Im guessing GG will be next...





Ok so there are other things in the works and I know of a few new releases that will follow these but thats for another time, But sea Furies sound fun...for the moment. 


So i want to thank all of you for your support in this silly little business of mine, Im still making efforts to get better and faster but sometimes it just boils down to being a one man shop,  If i could add hours to the day or make time stand still I would.. I see improvment in most things around here and the end to a bunch of projects that will free up time for others and so it goes.  i suggest that you get what you want when its arond cause I dont know that i will be re visiting alot of this stuff anytime soon, If your ordered it its coming, Might be slow but it will always be worth the wait, I appreaciate all the understanding, kind words. 



Have a great day and go build a model...


If you have questions or concerns or if i missed touching on something please feel free to email me 




























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