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September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilized Models Update and News!!

July 24, 2018

OK well as I mentioned before its coming up on a year now, its been good and bad and a learning expeirience. Over the last couple of weeks I have been spending a lot of time on the computer and re-organizing the way that I am doing things or could do them better, as well as getting ready for the nats.

And this heat isnt helping, it has been up to 117 degrees in my garage and like right now at 10:30 at night its 96 in there...Its very hard to cast or even just sit in there...so its been late nights and early mornings so my work time has been cut down..a little bit...The added heat reduces my cure times by about half  which makes it hard to pour more then a few molds at a time, But there is always work to do...


So here is some news and then some updates,


I am officially not going to make the nationals as of this moment, there are a few components that I have made, for the kits and I wont be able to get them in time, as well as my decal supplier went under,

i was able to purchase more and I should be fine till I find another but I dont think it will arrive in time as it is coming ups ground from back east. I really feel like i was pushing it anyway but im still kind of bummed about not being able to make it, I was looking forward to meeting some of you. As well

as pushing really hard to have a few cool new things. I still will but it wont get the exposure i was hoping for.


Well, not going does give me more time to work other projects and fill orders, I have around 20 orders that need to be finished and I am trying to get those out now , as heat and time permit...Im hoping that

next week is cooler.  


Im working really hard to get a good stock of inventory on the kits as well as get a very large number of new kits out over the next couple of months for reno, and the new kits for Reno...After this little burst of new kits I am going to slow up for a few months and start getting my new release list ready for next year and the end of the year.  The goal is to finally get more exposure then just Facebook...and push to grow the civil line I want to do.


I really want to get things running smoother and quicker...So trust me I know what needs fixing and am Looking for ways to do it...




Pond Racer: (all Scales)

Masters are printedand on way here,It will require a minimum amot of work to have them ready to cast and im looking to ship them the week of or the week after the nationals if all goes well. (Also I am leaving the pre order up on the site till next week to help with it running so much longerthe Then I wanted


Tsunami (All Scales):

I am on track to meet the  shipping dates I mentioned for Aug. It is moving along fine and It will come to an good completion I think and a gorgous kit.  Im excited about thisgetting so close..


1/32 Foxy Lady:

She is pretty much ready Ijust need some parts to show up so I can start Packaging and shipping. It is very nice and based on the Tamiya kit. It also has lead me to doing Sumthin Else Next as its already in progress...



Masters are here I need to finish thinning a few parts and it will go into rubber..Coule weeks she is shipping...


1/48 Unlimiteds:

The last batch I put on the site, Dago, Strega, Dreadnought, Furias, and Super Corsair..A few are in rubber and I have ordered the gear so I expect that these will will start shipping the week after the Nats Is my goal. I was trying to have them ready for the nats. I have added a few New kits to the unlimted Hangar and a few Pre Sales all based on Furias's history, and not a lot of work to convert from the masters and I am ecpexting to have them ready by Mid to end of Aug. Also I have added the single kit versions to the site at the regular pricing. I would suggest taking advantage of the presales while they are here as Im not sure how long I will do them...




Glasairs: (All Scales)

are in final stages of redesign, parts in rubber and It looks good to me now...

Shipping very soon..as well as a few new options.


!/72 Unlimited:

Had a few molds that needed repaired and they are all good again and if you were waiting on them they are in the 20 i mentioned earlier. Thinking Cleveland Era ...

                                                                                                                            Atwork for Decals For Critical Mass



There are new things on the site, all 48th and 32nd, I will have some new 72nd scale stuff up next month. 


Im sure there is more to talk about but I will have another short update next week, 


So talk soon...




If you have questions please feel free to email me at  gary@civilizedmodels.com








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