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Civilizedmodels.com September Update

September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilizedmodels.com Halloween 18 Update

October 23, 2018

Happy Halloween!! 


I have been trying to get an update out for what seems like forever!!!!, I have been waiting on information and I have a good chunk of it now. I have a lot to cover and a lot of things to touch on.

I have been on the down low for a little bit working on the logistics around here as well as knocking out

orders and dealing with a few life issues and unfortunatley they bleed into work when you are the only 

person doing all of the work. So this is an important update as it covers some very important issues and

projects as well as the going ons around here.


I hope it is not a suprise to all of you but i am sure it is to some of you, I have said this before and I will say it again now. I do all the work around here on 90% of the kits i produce. I am not amazon, and I have been trying for months to establish a larger inventory to help reduce shipping times on products, I have retired a bunch of kits and plan to retire more. I have a very large list of kits on the website with more and more planned or in progress. Its hard for me to believe that i have created this product line in less

then 18 months.  I have kept my advertising efforts to Facebook only even though I have all the mags asking for kits to review and promote. I wont cause it will bury me and that wouldnt be good for any of us. Being a one man shop can be a royal pain but in a good way and a bad way...some things need to change.  I want things to move smoother, I want reduced shipping times and I want everyone to be happy while i get to have some sort of life outside of my garage, as it is now i work on average 14-16

hours a day 6-7 days a week. I will continue till i am completely caught up. I am committed to getting

this business to the level of production and quality of products and subjects that i want and believe me

when i say that. The way this thing started is still an issue but one I have to work through as there is really no other way to do it...and little by little i can see that happening from in here and you guys will

see the difference in the hopefully near future as i am working my plan and I am looking to have a great 2019 with even better works.


I understand that there has been a really long wait on getting a few kits out, this year has been a learning curve and its been full of things to learn and deal with...I must say i am getting through them, It has been a year of set backs or battles to even carry on sometimes...but i dont give up on anything ever and I will always see a project I start to completeion even if its difficult because it makes the next one easier and that is in all aspects of my life, I dont like the idea of putting out a  product that can be better or settle because of the time it has taken. I  appreciate all of you being patient and mostly understanding, I am learning and the support will pay off as this little business gets older with better subjects and quality.  I believe we are all responsible for the condition we are in, even if its based on events we didnt see coming,  Civilized models is my baby and i love what i do and I want it to be around for a long time even with a rough start, Some may say a year is more then a start but I have to tell you

there is never enough time in the day and I stretch the hours


I am as of  November 1st going to retire a few more kits based on not enough traffic, I am going to raise

my pricing on almost everthing, 72nd scale will feel it the most. So Dare I say this, but I think its fair to warn you even if you have to wait a little bit It might be in your best interest to get them before the 1st.

And that, really could go for everything.


Ok here is the stuff we are all waiting on the updates:

I have around 45 orders going out by friday it is mostly 72nd scale stuff around 140 kits total but some larger scale stuff.


Tsunami and Pond Racer:

I know a lot of you are wondering why this is going so long as well as a few of the original kits that I have

had in the works. Well I have had a lot of turns with these. To be honest it is the biggest project i have ever heard of by any company ever...Tsunami 3 scales and 3 version and all that involves. It is 9 airplanes some shared parts but not a ton. the pond Raceris an easier project but i added 72 to the mix and now it is 3 planes in 3 scales. It does make it easier to do all at once but it also requires 3 times the effort to get the final result as scales differ in detail. We all know that if they are not right then i will never hear the end of it and I want these to be the best they can be as they will have my name on them, not to mention I doubt in most cases these will ever get done but who knows. Its been a rough go as we get to this point, I had an artist doing my renderings and getting them ready to go. At the point i was ok with them still knowing i would have to do work on them here after printing the masters I went ahead and had them printed, I had months of back and forth before I agreed to the final drawings. I paid the artist for his work to that point and had the masters printed.  It cost a ton of money for the artwork and even more to have them printed. Mind you this is a total of 11 airplanes 4 of which are 32nd scale and in the material i use they are not cheap. I am learning more and more everyday about 3d and the benefits it will afford my comany long term and i love it but i also know it has it weak points as well..So long of the story short I spent a ton of money and got back a bunch of parts that just werent going to work based on a corrupted set of files. Went back to the artist and to this day i have not heard back from him. Knowing that i have responsibilites to myself and clients I went looking for the fix and i found it about a month ago and have negotiated the solution. On the 2 kits and 11 versions of them. Im not going to hide the fact that this process has almost put me out of business as i work in tight ass margins and we

are talking about over 5 grand in trash can money as well as the 2 to 5 grand i have to invest to get these completed. I have about 50 pre orders in different scales and it has helped a ton in getting to this point but its not enough over all. So here is the bottom line on these.. I have a new business agreement with

one of the best and most established 3d guys out there doing my artwork now as well as working out the details on how to bring a lot of his stuff to market in larger scales as he only produces 72nd scale works. We have discussed these 2 projects and agreed on terms. He is already working on repairing the

files and increasing the detail. These kits will be even nicer and more detailed then I ever anticipated.

But in all reality it is going to add about 3 months to the delivery time on the long side as we both think shorter but you never can tell and i want a little bit of a cushion in that estimate. And that covers both

kits in 3 different scales. and one in 3 different versions. For those that pre ordered which really is all

of you, you will get a really nice kit. For everyone else it is going to free me up to focus on getting caught up as well as build up my inventory the way i wanted to. I am sorry for the delay I have no excuse for it 

other then it is what it is but i feel it will be better for all in the end. I also hope that i can sale enough of them to make up the huge amount of money im dishing out. I have a few of you asking for refunds on these kits and I undertand that but please remember they were a pre order and the isses were unforeseen at the time and I have been doing my best to get them back on track...If a refund is what you ultimatley want then please allow a few weeks to do this as this project has drained me and i will get refnds out as the money comes in, Sorry but that is just the truth of it. This is the only solution that i have for it, that benefits everyone and gives me a chance to survive...I dont know what it is about one of a kind racers that never seems to end well..But that is the status. That is where this project is and it is the best and all i can do. So i hope you can accept my apology and continue to support CM.


Ok With that said lets move on:


Glassair and sorceress:

 The truth is they are both duds! Have sold maybe 10 of each they have had some issues because the artist original drawings needed to be modified. That forced me to learn how to cast with clear resin

I have it figured out now but had to spend some time and a lot of cash to figure it out different rubber

different resin, different everything. Well long of the story short i got it figured out and the few i have on order will be shipping by months end is my best guess. I really hoped more would like this type of airplane and maybe they will pick up  when i start advertising in the rags. But for now this has been the issues. The are real nice kits and you will see built up versions in the near future on the site.


Foxy Lady and Sumthin else:


Ya I know I behind on these, I here it from someone every chance he gets to remnd me... These are big kits require a lot of time to cast and they are really nice...There will be pictures on the website in the coming weeks or so and deliveries are going to start heading out of here Im shooting for Monday. I am very proud of these and you will enjoy building them.  I have about 20 orders for this kit...Really hoping others want to buy one these larger kits cost a ton to produce the 1st kit and everything about them seems to take a bit longer.. also when this kit reaches 100 sold Im done.. they will be retired.. so if you want one get them while you can and they will cost more in November... I cant wait to finish one...Im going to do one for the nats...


Other stuff overall updates:


BD-5s and bonus kits: These are shipping when i have time to cast and after any new orders, It has taken longer then expected because they have been such a good seller.. but not forgotten and still on the way. Also a couple new versions will be available soon. As well as the prop version is on the list for next year.


 72nd Scale racers:

Will be retiring another batch on the 1st of november, Not sure when i will get back to them as the intrest in these kits is to low to invest in new molds for now. I will inventory what i can get ot of the molds and that will be the end of it till a later date I will list the amont in stock and when that runs out they will be removed from the site till a time there is interest in them or i relist them.  There will be a few new kits listed on the website over the neext couple of weeks.


48th Scale racers:

Lots of new stuff lots of casting and lots of packaging happening and most of these will begin shipping middle of next week. 


Voodoo, Dago, Strega, Super Corsair:

I havent had time to get pics up on these and will by mondayish. They are being cast and I am getting the Inventory together as well as gang molds for the stangs.


Sea Fury's:

Lots of molds and gang molds are done and I am waiting on the landing gear order to start shipping.

These are really nice and I cant wait to see them built but I will admit that if I dont get orders  on a few of them I will just cancel them. So if you want them you know what to do...


The egg:

Sounded like fun but I am cancelling it and killing the line...I can produce about 40 more i think before the molds give out and then its over. Maybe later in life but dont get mad when you see mine on the web...LOL!!!  I have 3 ordered and you will get them I was going to modify the mold to do the open canopy but i think you can handle that as i dont want to waste anymore time on the kit it will build canopy closed out of the box...Oh well Not everything is a good idea and it was worth it to present one to Stevo.


Im sure i missed stuff and if i did just email me or message me on fb or call me 714 342-8721.  I am doing this new thing where I leave my phone in my room and check it during the day, I will get back to you in the evenings as i stop working around 1 or 2 am and start at 6 or 7 so give me  24 hours. If you

call, leave a message and a good time to call you back and I will...


I have had to change the shipping thing around here. I really have so little time with all the work i have

that it is hard to do it on a daily basis for now, that will change when I get caught up and have an inventory to replentish rather then cast and fill which takes forever. You will get a email confirmation when the shipping is paid for but it could be 3 or 4 days before it hits the mail and starts tracking.

I have help with this now as the old help sucked my bad...It will be much better


Built ups:

I am making headway on everything that is on order it is coming and I am going to Stop doing

built ups in the near future. But be patient with me.


Overall I guess you have to learn as you go sometimes, Im doing that, I cant please

all of you and sometimes thats not my fault but sometimes it is, Im just like you guys except i am the guy dumb enough to do this....I am in no way the best at this but I have to look forward to being better everyday and finding ways to make my company better...I have been here a year and some change, I have cast almost 1000 kits and sold a little more, I have created a product line in one year that some companies will never reach, I find ways to get stuff done and I really am doing everything i can to make everyone happy while working to get where i want to be...Yes i bite off more then I can chew sometimes or maybe all the time but i have a real passion for what i do and the kits i produce, I see real improvment in every new kit that comes out and I have a huge plan for the future with kits and decals and all kinds of fun stuff many of us thought would never happen...But I am also  trying to find that balance that will allow it to continue...I am slow I guess, Maybe I always will be maybe not, but  you will always get what you order from me and it will be nice or i will refund your money..as i get busy I will bring in people to help but no where near close to that yet.


So this is it I guess all that i need to say or remembered to talk about, I am always here to answer questions and please feel free to ask and please be patient with me as I am all by myself doing the work of 3 people. Your orders and support mean a lot and keep this boat floating and without all of you I will have a normal life and none of us want that for me...I know that things change alot around here and will continue to do so till I reach the goals i have set...If your willing to continue to support this company then you will see the growth and get a chance to build some stuff you never thought would happen.


Anyway, thanks for the ear, the support, and the understanding it is appreciated on this end and 

I have a lot of work todo so im going to get back to it...Please know that more then ever CM can really use you support...


Have a great day and please feel free to email me or call if you have questions that need answering

Also I finished this sunday night and forgot to schedule it for monday release Sorry  Mr. Romero ....



















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