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Civilizedmodels.com September Update

September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilizedmodels.com Dec Update

December 11, 2018

Happy Holidays to everyone I hopes its a great end to your holiday season and year and the beginning of a Amazing New Year!!!!


So I have been busy making headway on getting caught up and it has been a lot of work 10 to 15 hours a day. It seems like I am running around chasing my tail some times for a few weeks then all of a sudden

a bunch of progress is made.. It may not affect everyone but it inches me closer to where i want to get and to get orders out to all of you who have them pending.. I UNDERSTAND some of you have been waiting for a while to get their orders. That is not what i want for any of you...I have maintained staying on the down low to facilitate getting more backlogs handled and will continue for the mean time to do that...Nothing new coming out till Jan or Feb or whenever the time is right.


I have been spending my time working on what gets me closer to caught up...A very big part of that

has been built ups. And i have stopped taking on new business for this service till later next year with exception to a few that were already agreed to. I have no choice but to make money every way possible as it is the only way I can survive...resin, rubber, 3d drawings all cost money as does food.... I am grateful that i have made it this far and look forward to the future, I feel horrible for the year a few others have had, Fisher as an example...I dont discuss my private life but i do have one as well, well I used to...lol...at the moment I stand with about 85 orders that are from pre order stuff and that includes the Tsunami and Pond...


Those 2 kits have put a serious hurt on me after having to have files repaired after wasting a lot of money to get the masters printed and them not be workable. Its in the 1000's and when you are talking about a little company like mine its a lot of money.  And to be honest I will loose money on top of this to finish it but im goin to. I have them in progress and I feel confident that they will get resolved shortly as it is a lot of file repair work that is getting done and i cant do it so it altleast allows me time to focus on other stuff...


I am focused on Foxy/Sumthin else at the moment.. and most of the changes i have made are to the kit

are just about done...This has run behind because i decided to add some detail to the kit that i wasnt offering before ( I didnt expect it to run this long in the changes but it has) it is nice and you will see the final kit in the next week and that will be followed by shipping. Just hold on It almost done...I am waiting on boxes and packing materials as well...Much bigger then what  my normal was.. and a learning curve is involved...


There are other little things that i have had to deal with and they are not big but require time. like mold repairs and recasting older kits... I am retiring kits because the molds are dead or dying and I dont want to give anyone something that is not up to par...in some cases i didnt retire and should have (Pitts) Very old kit from before I started this...Its a great little kit and builds nice..but i need to redo the molds...But point being these are some of the things I have had to deal with...Molds may have been fine  and not used for 5 or 6 moths and they die next use...now its a redo to provide one kit...Not your problem but one i have had to realize will effect me...Learning curve...But these lessons teach me what not to do and how to change the way i do things to be better in the future... 


Some of you have a pre orders on kits like the Glasair...or sorceress...New learning curve stuff there as well...Just cause it looks good in 3d doesnt mean it will work out in real life....Might sound like a silly thing but I want my kits to be built and be nice and easy to build...You might ask then why did you announce it if not sure...well because without pre order money to help finance the effort and show the amount of interest it is to much of a crap shoot to do it...I cant speak for other companies but i can speak for me I do what they wont do....I live on the scraps that major manufactures leave behind. It is a niche and with racers even smaller....I put out around 800 models since i opened 300 ish of them are BD5's Not a racer but a homebuilt and it is my best seller, Foxy maybe 30 Tsunami maybe 35 in total pond racer Maybe 25 in total...Glasair 5 or 6 in total, Sorceress 8 in total  The 72 scale stuff is most of the rest and really kept me afloat this year... I only say this because I want you all to know Im following through even though the market doesnt really support it... Yet...and i think it will...I only advertise on FB I

have Request for review samples from major mags but i dont send not yet, I need to get to a place where the backlogs are behind me and i know a better way to get things done smoother... A few of you might be upset for the wait and I get it I really do...I have dealt with some pretty crazy stuff and as I slow down or back up you stop spending I get it, totally, I understand but for me it compounds the issues with less working capital...so in itself creates a backlog, I want to hire help but not consistant enough...But i keep working through it...And I will get through it and I will expand my line and subjects and I will handle my backlogs and I will get every single order out and I will follow through all the way to the goal of being caught up. I am going fast but have had silly issues from rushing, like a missing gear door or wrong version or old mailing address, all dont help so i am paying more attention, I get a lot of email and it sometimes takes a few days to sit in front of my computer to get back to you just because im really busy...calls are better sometimes. 


Yes there is a lot to talk about, and a lot to do...If you have anything on order it is coming, I am dealing with or doing whatever needs to be done, I know it slower then we all want and it is coming...The day will be here soon enough... So I am sure you all tired of hearing this just as I am but i want you all to know i am aware, If you have questions or need something or just want to cuss me out please feel free

714 341 8721... I cant make everyone happy and some people just need a reason to bitch..or talk shit

and thats just business these days... I might make you mad or even a little crazy but if you truly understood the amount of pressure I put on myself you would know its enough to get this done

And you may not like to hear what i have to say sometimes but it is what it is and its going to get better

also I am only going to ship on monday or friday from here on out...Ive said this before and I will say it again.. You may get a tracking number and the item may not show it at the post office yet...cause i have them picked up and it depends on schedule...Please remember I do all of this by myself and it all takes time....


As i get closer two things happen, one people get happy and others get pissed off and Either way...You will get your items sooner then later and I hope you will be happy...


We will talk again soon,,,and always, I am doing my best to balance information and work...ANd right now I am head down blinders on getting things done.....




PS Like I said before if you have Headaches or heartaches or just a question call me....

714 341 8721


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