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Civilizedmodels.com September Update

September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilizedmodels.com 2019 Update!!!

January 10, 2019

Happy New Year to all of you I hope we all have an amazing 2019!!!!


So here it is a New Year...and I am sure it will be a better year around here...I have had some time

to play catch up and I am starting to feel good about getting caught up.  Spent the holidays working

and figuring out some issues and putting together a better way to do this...So I guess time will tell if I am on the right track. I want to thank all of you again for your support and patience till now...Not saying I am where i want to be just yet but im getting closer every day.


 So I guess Ill start the with this...This picture is of the New T-20 Seafury. Not all parts come in every kit but It shows that with the exception of the target tug version all versions can be done with this base kit.

I may do the Tug parts but for now I can offer all versions Civil or military.... I do have decal artwork for around 15 different birds.  I have a few pre ordered and they will begin shipping in the next 3 weeks..

I need to check decal fit and I am waiting on a metal gear order and boxex as well.. Also what is important is that you can see that all of the accessories needed for every other Sea Fury version is done.

As we speak there is another fuse and wing  in rubber for the next one.. all of the 48th sea Furies will be done by the end of Febuary. That is like 10 versions... the kit is pretty nice..


Here is a pic of the different cockpit versions that needed to be done. The standard single and the jump seat 2 seater as well as the T-20..

 This pic gives an idea of the fit...

 So if you have one ordered we are getting close, Ill be posting pics of the others as they come out of rubber, Furias, Dread, Sept Fury, Riff Raff, Spirit of Texas, Star of Texas, Miss Merced, BMB, Critical Mass,

Fury, Saw Bones...I did a ton of work when i started these and it will work out...


Other 48th Scale on the way... 

Each of the listed kits represent 2 versions as listed on the page. They do represent different era's of the plane history, including markings and mods: 


Dago Red: All of the accessories are done and the wing, It is going in Rubber in the next day or two just need to set up the molds, It does cover the flip up for one version and the slider and a modified fuse to also add the slider for the  later version. I will do other versions later..


Strega: 2 versions, Skoal Bandit and the later versions: Accessories done and the fuse and wing are ready for rubber.. Just need to finish the molds to pour it.


Super Corsair: Fuselage and all the accessories are done some are already cast and ready...The only thing left to do is get the molds ready. 


Glasair III: The kit is in rubber as we speak and I will have 1st pulls tomorrow, then i just need to check decal fit and then I will start casting and packing and shipping by the end of next week..Not alot to it but im glad the kit is done, you will see pics later this week.



72nd Scale Stuff: Not a lot to talk abot here except that I have a put together a deal to by the Cobra Company molds of the Pond Racer and will offer them next month some time.


Yak - 3 UM: These kits cover the single seat yak racers listed on the site...Kit molds are all done and the decal fitting is done for Maniyak, Night Witch, Mr Awful, and a few others. They will be shipping in the next 2 to 3 weeks.


Glasair III: Kit is complete and just sizing decals, Should ship in all versions in the next 2-3 weeks




32 nd Scale Stuff: Some News Here....


Miss Foxy Lady / Sumthin Else: I figured out my issues, the things that had to change, are changed and the kit is ready for rubber. A lot of the accessories are already done but there is a few things you NEED TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS KIT. Because of the thin parts that are being cast around the cowling these parts require a long curing time in the pressure pots... It literally takes around 2 to 3 hours before I can pull these parts without warpage...So they go slow. If you want a kit with the cowl able to be opened then it may go slower. If you have no interest in opening the cowling then let me know and i can send it with a closed cowling...Reduced shipping time and an easier closed cowl build. I know its one more thing but it is what it is and i have no idea how to do it better. The kit will be ready to start casting in the next couple of days. It does require white metal gear. I have them on order so I am guessing after getting the new pulls, checking decal sizing and making minor changes to the instructions because of the changes it will be about 3 weeks, also the new packaging material is in route but shold be here long before that.


NOTICE: THE EARLY ALL BLACK VERSION OF FOXY LADY WILL BE LIMITED TO 50 COPIES...AFTER THAT I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN. I have to modify the original mold to do the 3 planes following, Late Foxy, and both Sumthin Elses. I have to add the wing fillets to those birds and the wing fit will not be the same if i cast them off a modified copy. so im keeping 5 for me that leaves around 30 copies and they are limitied on the website after that its gone she is gone.  Only if the mold can do more will i offer them.. 

I will be adding and posting a lot of pics of it over the next week... I excited because it will only take a day or two to add the fillets and its ready for rubber again...and only the fuselage has to be changed and the other 3 are done....I cant wait to build one of each.... Also this opens the door for me on 32nd scale stangs because all the kits will reqire a lot less work as the accessories and props and spinners are all done...


Glasair III: I am having the fuselage reprinted....i broke it and cant repair the shattered section, It will be back on tuesday next week. While waiting for it i have cast all but the fuselage and the area needing modified for the new canop attachment mods...way better then the original idea...I think you will be very happy.




Pre Orders and other information:


Pond and Tsunami:  Not going to deep on this right now...I am waiting for 3D artwork to get done, It is getting closer and I will have more info as soon as I have more to tell...But I am very pleased becaue the new artwork will reduce production time....So more info soon


Sorceress: I am having 48th and 32nd kit  landing gear reworked and printed, 3D done ordering the gear friday. They had wheels and wheel pants molded together, did not look good so i am having it re printed with corrections wont take very long  to start shipping when parts come back cople molds and then casting...  


Gee Bee Z: This project is moving really slow...I thought there would be a little more interest. I just need to put together a little more capitol...as fast as I can...


Other information:

I have a lot going out over the next few days and on moday, Mostly BD-5s and 72nd scale stuff...I have new molds for last years Voodoo Speed Record...In 48th, I had to redo molds and I think i can do another 50...They wont be numbered... If you are waiting on 1/72 or mixed scale orders I have been doing a ton of casting but was kinda slowed down becase i had to replace the heating element in my vacform unit...all done now and kits will be leaving again starting Thursday and Friday..





Things are getting better and i believe that it will be noticible in the near future,, I apologize for putting out more racers in one year then all other comanies combined through history...I wont do it again and  It doesnt matter how much i want to do or whats next...Im getting these done and out of here one way or another...As soon a I can, I am focused on backlogs and resolving them...I am now responding to emails in the late evening time. So if you dont get a response today its coming tomorrow, If you need to talk please feel free to call 714 341 8721


I am not doing anymore built up work till i have time thinking 2030...lol..


I will no longer do updates on Facebook I may list new sales or pics but I am not listing the update unless it is via the blog and email.. So tell your friends to subscribe to the website.


I am sure there is more to talk about and we will get to it soon, if you have questions ask...email or call


oh and feel free to spend money anytime you would like...





PS Thanks for your continued support...

















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