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Civilizedmodels.com September Update

September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilizedmodels.com March Update!!

March 11, 2019


Well hello again!!

So I have more news and updates and there is always a lot to talk about I guess...I am going to cover a bit of news and some pics and then get back to work..on your goodies.. 


Quick updates here:


1/48 and 1/72 Glasairs are done and will start shipping this week. Not that there is a lot of them but they are done for now. There are some versions that will be made available when i have time to tackle them but for now the basic versions of the 3 listed on the site are done.. and will start shipping by friday

I am casting the needed and just need to finish the instructions now that i have built one, I can add notes that will help you complete the kit with little issue, It also has an option now to pose with doors open on the 48th scale kit. same can be done with 72 without the additional part. 


1/32 glasair will be done by months end, I screwed up the mster and it has been reprinted and arrived here last week, it will require a little work to get to the point i need it but not much as all of the balance of the kit is done, just need to cut, clean and cast...Will be nice to get this done.


 1/48 Sea Fury's are coming along and here are a few pics of the test builds the one above is "Baby Gorilla"  which really is the same basic civil mods, jump seat cockpit, modern conversion like 4 bladed props and wheel changes, It also is the base kit with additional parts to create aircraft like "Riff Raff"

It cannot however be built as a stock FB11 the kit only comes as a jump seat version. It is a very nice kit and will allow for a lot of cool variants.


Below: This is the 48 scale T-20 Version of the Sea Fury. The first versions listed on the website can be built with this and there is a stock version with guns and humps and target tug variants coming in the near future, the kits are listed on the website and these will start shipping this week. 


I started with these two because they share all the needed accessories for every other sea fury racer or civil or military. 4 & 5 Bladed props and so on. I created gang molds for the parts to assist with creating the needed parts for all of the versions that have ever raced or been airshow performers, or warbirds.  

 Some detail Pics





 So the fit is really clean and the cocpits are clean and all the parts fit really well, I think most of you will appreciate the quality of workmanship and the final castings. Thes two basic kits cover about 10 vesions on the website. Now to date only a few have sold, but i had to do all the parts anyway to speed up the production of the rest of the sea fury class of racer in 48th. There are a ton of others that really are only a few weeks away from being done as all i need to do is cast wings and fuselages. Some in a certain order as by the time i finish the sea fury run you will be able to build just about any sea fury ever. Like Furias from Havnought to current.  I need to complete build instructions, I need landing gear to arrive and I need to get the packaging in so i can start boxing them. and shipping them. The T-20s and the very few Jump seaters that have sold will be shipping in no more then 2 weeks.


Other 1/48 scale Racers:


Mustangs: All of the accessories are done and mostly cast. Including Props, Spinners, Different Wing Tips, Wheels and Tires, and so on..The masters are ready for rubber for the following kits:


Strega: The Skoal Bandit version and the late version, I have added some new markings to do more recent years with Jr. and the others like Jay who have flown her as well, as few different sponsor markings.


Dago Red: Masters are done and ready for rubber, She is being done as the 1st version and kinda a middle version with the slider, I have her markings all done, I will be doing later versions but these two for now are ready..for rubber, instructions, decals but not a lot to do on any of that..


Stiletto: She was a commission build and she is not on the site but she is ready for rubber, she also has all 3 versions of the wing so she will cover the entire career of the racer...Heck who knows maybe ill even do the TF Version....lol...I do love Lady Jo...


Super Corsair: As we speak she is ready for rubber...I made changes to her nose and I based the kit on the Tamiya kit and it really presented a problem as i dont see how anyone could ever raise the flaps on that kit. so I made some changes that will allow you to lower the the flaps or raise them. It was a royal pain, but it is in cleaned up and it looks like it will work out for either option with one basic wing and some additional part for the options..The versions being the bud light version and the last version. I cant wait to build it, and it is very close to shipping all the artwork is done and the instructions are almost done. and like the others I am needing to get the gear here...as well as the packaging...I am hoping to have her shipping by months end.


1/32 Scale Stuff:


Foxy Lady: at the moment she is pretty much done, I am building the complete kit  and I am going to put her together to check the fit of all the parts. There are a few minor things that need attention like the tube on the merlin not fitting right and a few other minor things.  I am not going to cast anymore till

i know all the fit is well and then it will be off to the races for the 37 kits i sold.  I need to check the decals

to make sure the fit is good, I need the landing gear to arrive as well as the packaging, It wont fit in the 

original stuff i bought for it and it is a heavy kit so I have bubble wrap envelopes for parts coming as well

as the baggies I use...The folks who bout the 2 kit Preorder kits with both versions of the Foxy Lady, the black and the white versions...I hate to say this but you will get the early castings of the black version but you will have to wait a little longer for the 2 pack as I need to cast the new fuselage with the fillets  for the white version...but you got a great deal on those.. I did 10 sets as the pre order and I have refunded the money on 4 of them...If any wants them PM me they are numbered 1-10 and the have

everything for the 2 versions of the racer. Foxy the black version is limited to 50 copies as I am sure the mold wont go much further then that and I will be keeping the extras for service parts and me. Really its just the fuselage as I am using the same master for the white version so I am adding the fillets to the wing. That kit then is the basis for White foxy and Sumthin Else. As it stands right now I am planning on startin the shipping on the Foxy kits in the next 2 weeks. And being that I have gang molds for the accessories and if it warms up a little I should have all of the foxy kits both versions ready by then and Sumthin else by the end of April.. Im sorry but I had to slow up as I felt like O was rushing and the quality would suffer...


I know it seems crazy but this one kit transforms into 5 different kits with the addition of the fillets.

These kits went through extinsive changes while it was in progress. What started out to be what you saw in the picture originally  and what it is now with a Full Merlin, open or closed canopy and a lot of big changes has drug this kit a long way. The good news is that in doing all that i did a few things happened.

Like I have learned how to cast something this large and detailed, I have created all the parts i will need to do much quicker Kits of the mustangs because of having all the masters done for the common parts,

Also it has given me the parts i need to do small conversions or race parts as an option for doing silver and bronze class racers..stuff like the H model prop, wings or tips...so look for this stuff in the future with decal options. 


also because of the mods to this bird I have all I need to do the "Galloping Ghost" and I will be listing it in the coming months.


Well with all that being said I will post Pics of her In the coming week or so as I get closer to being done.



1/32 Voodoo:  The master is mostly complete, I am having a fit with the wing bumps as I want to be able to do the kit with options of the checker bird as well as the speed record and reno version in white. so It is coming along but I dont think it will be shipping for a few months and I only have 2 pre ordered even though it was a two kit boxing...oh well I think I pulled it down anyway..


Tsunami and Pond:

Little has change on my end but the 3d drawings are in final stages and I expect to have them in the next 2 weeks.  I am hoping to have them printed soon after and that if all goes well they will be on the bench getting finished and molded mid april... But in the end these two kits will be way better then i ever expected and you will be very happy with your kits...



All the new wheels and Pants are printed and on the way back to me, I am waiting to cast the kits till they arrive here but she will be shipping by mid april or sooner if the parts fit and I expect that they will

new artist is much better then the 1st guy i had... 


Egg Stangs: Are also done and ready to cst and ship hoe to have out this week


Ok I think thats about all i got for now... as far as the kits go. There are a few I am going to mention below some are in the works, some should already be done and others that are just additions to what i already have...


Gee Bee Racer: This is close to being a done deal or at least i hope so...there has been some interest in it but what is worse then that is that It is one of a long line of potential kits that could be made available

that I am pretty sure wont otherwise. I have agreed to buy the master artwork and to Manufacture the kit in 2 scales, 1/72 and 1/48. When I have enough cash to pay for it, It will be shipping within a couple of weeks of getting the files as it in any scale is a small kit...artwork and instructions is all that it takes from there...I look forward to getting it completed. I am in a deal to obtain the masters and all of the parts for the Cobra Company Pond Racer...It is a purchase that will provide masters, canopies, decals, and all i need to put the kit into production..I have made a deposit on the kit but it takes money to buy the rest.

I have the 1/48 th scale RB-51 heading this way from Kiwi Models, I worked out a trade to aquirre the masters and any of the canopies, decals, and other things that go with it.. the only reason I could do that trade, was that we were working on more but it just never worked out and now he is done. No more Kiwi as he is done with resin 



I will continue to get caught up as fast as I can. If your pissed off at me I sorry ....Its coming , doing all I can on limited resources...but making headway everyday...




Also if you have quesyions please feel free to call me 714 341 8721


I will be posting another update in the next few days Wont be about kits....


Ps I have a few built ps shipping next day or two























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