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Civilizedmodels.com September Update

September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilizedmodels May Update

May 20, 2019

Hey ya'll,

Well the wheels don't stop turning and I have been really quite because, i have been really busy geting all the orders and pre-orders and back orders closer to being ready to ship and in a lot of cases getting old orders that had delays ready and out...in April I had a little over 180 orders pending, as of today i have a total of 96.  Currently I have a list of things that i am working on because so many  things have had to change around here...actually most everything needs to change around here. 


I dont think it is a suprise to anyone but between being so far behind and not pushing anything new since like September of last year its been very slow for new orders I figured the other day that the site has done less then 1500 in the  last 5 and a half months. I am not complaining as i was looking for that to be the case so i could get caught up and it is working. The draw back is that i have had to pick up work in order to cover living and business exxpenses. so I have lost a few hours per day but find i am more productive when im here now...I think being in the shop 16 hours a day 6 to 7 days a week takes its toll.


I have decided to change just about everything here in order to prevent ever getting this far behind again..I never expected this to be the case but the idea of cast to order in a one man shop only works if i stay current and have zero set backs as i have seen thus far.  I hate being behind I never panned to get behind and I dont ever want to be this behind again. So to avoid this I am making the following changes.


New Changes


1. No pre orders EVER again.


2. There will be an initial kit release of 50 kits. They will be boxed and ready to ship next day, If  there is a demad beyond the 50 I may or may not get back to them.


3. I will no longer carry a list of kits to order unless they are in stock


4. If a kit runs out you may never see it again


5. No longer going to do built up kits to order. (I'm sure there will be built ups on the page) (Not you Monty)


Those are the biggest changes, there will be others more on the production side of things. Most of which is for me and wont affect the quality of the products


I will say that my primary focus is getting the remaining orders out there are some closer then others and I will go into more detail about those in particular on Saturday with a project update, but my current goals are to get everything out to you guys as fast as possible. Once again you will always get what you pay for from me, Im in this for the long haul not going anywhere just gonna make it better. I realize that you guys have been so understanding and Im sure its hard to understand sometimes why but i assure you its not cause im not doing anything....To make the changes and get caught up is the goal and to move forward from here is the plan... 


I will put out a detailed update  on kits and shipping status on saturday. I need to compile an exact list of what is in the works. That being said there is one more thing I will mention ; as far as the website goes and the kits iisted there, 80 to 90% are going to go  away this weekend. I cant move forward doing the same things. So I will leave the site alone till Friday night, If there is anything you want to order now

might be the time. I may never get back to these kits again as the molds are pretty close to the end of the road. I have to focus on the current orders and releases and to be honest some of these kits might get cancelled before release unless there is some interest (some have 0). And if you dont want any thats ok to, but i thought i wold offer the opportunity to you guys.


Thanks for the support and understanding,  If you have questions or concerns please feel free to call me

(714) 341 8721

If i dont answer leave a qick message i will get back to you


or email me at :



(if you dont hear from me within 24 hrs send again cause i didnt get it)



These changes will be good !!!


Project update saturday 5/25/2019




PS Im pretty sure you all wanted more of an update but i wanted this to be about the changes, saturday will be about the update and day one of the new changes

talk again then






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