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Civilizedmodels.com September Update

September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilized July Update

July 1, 2019

Happy July to all of you!!!  The 4th is coming and I hope you all have a great day and weekend!!!!


I have been really busy making changes and pushing out product as best i can and it is starting to show on my end and i am pretty sure it will to the rest of you fairly soon. With the changes im making it will be much better but the changes are not really that easy on any of us. But i feel that with in the 60 to 90 days things will be running smooth and the biggest issue of back logs will be completely resolved maybe sooner.


As you all know I pulled most everything from the site...and I have spent a little time looking at the condition of the molds. In some cases there is product on order that the molds have failed and replacements have been required and they are being done as i can do them but the items are close to leaving some over the weekend and some next week. Some are just being packaged and some are ready to go...there is a lot going on to mainly

get caught up...first and foremost of my plans for the future of the company.


Where things stand at current is this, I have to start somewhere in order to 

get the ball rolling and I have decided that it will start here with 3 kits for July.


1/48 Super Corsair : I will have 50 of these, that will be ready to ship on

July 19th. It is 2 Different kits and I will have that divided in half. If interest 

goes beyond that I will do a batch in the future. Whatever is unsold will be in stock on the website and will last till it is sold out. I only have 11 on pre order and can more then cover the ordered kits with 25 of each. 


1/48 Strega: This kit will be second and will follow pretty close (shooting for July 28th) as for the release/shipping date. There are 2 versions as well. So based on the orders I have i can cover all and have stock left over if I produce 25 of each to start and i will. The unsold will go on the website until sold out. 


!/32 Foxy Lady: This kit is in production and it does take time to cast. I have had my issues with it but it seems to want to work with me now and because of the casting time It will go 3rd. I love this kit and you will to

I am still working on the exact date as i dont want to get to far ahead of myself but I am pretty sure that the relese date will be only a few days behind Strega. It is a time consuming casting because of thiness and it

takes cure time before i can pull parts without  warping.


Tsunami/ Pond: ( All Scales amd versions, at this point I pretty much hate

these kits...lol but they are getting done as i promised. The  3D work has needed some corrections but the landing gear and Canopies for the various scales are being printed and will be forwarded to the companies doing them for me. This way the project wont get slowed waiting on things

to get back. These kits have been a huge undertaking and you will be happy when they are done...I will continue to update on this and show progress as it comes..


Other things:

There is a  list of kits that are going to happen pretty quickly after the ones mentioned above. My goal is to release them as fast as I can and that 

could be from 2 to 5 a month depending on the kits. I am going to cast to begin with the amount I need to fill pre orders and create the balance of 50

these kits will be in stock and they will ship within a day of ordering them.

This is the future of how things will go, the way I should have done it from the beginning. If you have pre ordered the kit you will get a tracking number tha day of the release and maybe sooner depending on how the project goes. 


So the future looks like this from now on. I wil create the kit, announce it,

then give a release date, . I will produce and package 50 kits. They will be numbered and they will only ever be done again if the call arises. What

sales on the release date will ship within 2 days as it will be in stock.

What doesnt will go on the website and it will be listed till the stock is sold out. You may or may not ever see the kit again after that. 


I am doing this because to maintain a huge product line over time is truly

way to much work and it is a disaster waiting to happen. I  cant pull and pour 30 different kits a day and vac and print and pack and fold and ship it and be able to maintain molds. And the truth is it just allows the molds to age and die at the moment i need them.  This way when they are gone they are gone, maybe not forever but i wont have to go back to them unless i want to. Less Stress for me..and I really need that after ll of this...LOL


Current back log non pre order:  

There are orders outstanding right now on non pre order kits and some parts and decals that need to go out and i am focusing on those over the weekend. Its not a lot but it is important to me to get these done. I am splitting my time between all of this and a full time job so it is moving a little slower but it is still moving..these issues will dry up and never happen again based on the new way of doing business. I have a few very large orders ready to go but i am waiting on a few items before i can get them out but they will be heading out very soon. 


I understand that this is only the tip of the info i need to get out and I will have another update out early next week, I am working another job but that will change when i get the ball rolling again. I still have built up work and it is coming along as well...


I am sorry that I am even in this position, I got overwhelmed and it got away from me, then add in a problem here and there and life issues and 

all of a sudden ....here you are...I am doing all i can to get caught up as fast as i can. If you ordered it you will get it and i plan on survivng into the future and getting this bird back in the air sort of speak. I get that you are

all waiting and some hoping this goes well and then there are a few of you

that just dont get it, I dont expect you too. I just want you all to know that i appreciate the patience and understanding and i get that you spent money and want your product...Trust me i get it...If you have an issue and want to air it out online thats your deal...Im tryin to solve the backlogs and get everyone everything they ordered or just want. I am one man and i am dealing with a lot and i get that at the end of the day it all boils down to me regardless of reason and im still here...I was doing to much and it caught up because of one domino...but it is what it is so please know that i am aware, i feel the pressure and im here to talk anytime you want so please call me or message me or figure something out to reach me hell ill call you if you want but there are less of you then you think and these issues will resolve failry quickly with these changes because i will be moving forward not back and forth from here on out. 




714 341-8721



I guess the website was down and then back up i did this updat on the 1st but it is uploading today because of an issue from the crash. There are other things that i need to address and i will with a new update on monday so please hold  any questions you might have until then. I will be out of town from Monday night till Wednesday for a work related trip but will have my laptop and be able to answer them in the evenings.  Or I can call

in the eveing or be called. I understand there are a few things to address and i will in the update.


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