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Civilizedmodels.com September Update

September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilizedmodels.com September Update

September 6, 2019

Well i hope you are all staying cool...


So im posting this to give you a status on where civilizedmodels.com is at right now.

It will be important to all of you with or without pending orders. At current there are 105 orders backlogged. Of that 90% are from pre orders or damaged mold kits. I want you all to know that these kits are the primary focus and reason for the changes I am and have made or making.


But before i explain it all let me say that i do understand that i am at fault for the delays. I was not able to pull the weight the way i thought i could with pouring kits to order. I was not fast enough. I should have done what we are doing now or should i say putting into action. I am sorry that i have made you all wait this long.


The 1st thing that has changed is this,

We have acquired a new shop. We have gone from 186 sq ft to over 800 with an office. I now have a full time office manager that will help with all of the clerical and shipping. 




It is a huge thing and will impact the the future of civilizedmodels.com. The space allows a lot of change, changes ive wanted to make but just couldnt pull off in such a small space. You accumulate a lot of stuff with just one kit let alone 90. But nonetheless that system doesnt work and i ended up making you all wait way to long and have to ask you to wait a bit longer.


The primary focus right now is that the shop needs some updates to get us fully operational..my guess is about 2 weeks, it also took 2 weeks longer to get in here then expected. We got keys friday and have been working the hours to get moving.


As for kits and back orders the focus is being reduced to a few at a time as far as pre orders go. Right now the focus is on


Super Corsair



Foxy lady


This being said that is based on the needed fixes in the shop..mostly electrical. Im hoping to have atleast 2 out by months end. Other 2 following shortly after. 


Odds are it will take till the end of the year to get totally caught up as most back orders are based on pre orders. Cant cast that many at once. There are currently 105 back orders out of almost 700 total orders to date and our 2 year anniversary was 8/28. But that being said this is why the time table will look that way.


From here on out. All kits will be limited editions of 100 except 32nd or bigger most likley 50 unless thete is a need to up it.


All kits will be here on a shelf waiting for a release date (past orders or back orders will ship as soon as ready)all others will have a release date set and only be available from that day forward.


All orders will get same day shipping if ordered before 3 or the following day but tracking will be provided same day and trackable by end of day or following morning. Shop has daily usps pick up.


And thats it. All kits same thing.

I will go through old releases and add 25 to the site when they are ready and after they are gone...who knows. We will announce the kits before hand to keep you up to date on whats coming but im done with the old way of doing this.


I realize that i have most likley lost future orders from a bunch of you and hope to earn that privelage  back. I know a few of you want blood and a whole lot of you have been amazing and understanding and i cant thank you enough...ill be making these waits up to you .


As far as product updates i know you have been patiently waiting. I am a bit removed from all of it over the last few weeks because of the move and the changes

I will have a realistic time frame for you by the end of next week, i need some info myself to do that and i needva timeline on the electric changes needed here. We are gearing up to get the back logs handle and to move into a new custumer service orientated focus with fast shipping and even better kits.


Besides the timeline update next week

I will be pretty quite on this end just as i have been for the last 4 to 6 weeks. Im working to get us all squared up as fast as possible. If you have questions or need to solve a problem please email or message me and understand i most likely won't get back to you till after 7 or following morning.


I am sorry for the delay was not my intention and sometimes i can be a bit over optomistic with time..but im getting better with that. I know not all of this is what you want to hear but its the best i can do right now. So please hold tight the catch up is near and the future will be better..


Sorry for the rough ride for those who have had it...but it will be better soon.

We are better then this and will be.


Talk to you soon.


I know i will answer a lot of questions with the next update.  Especially with pond and tsunami and a few others...just hold on another 8 days






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