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Civilizedmodels.com September Update

September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilizedmodels.com Follow Update...

September 25, 2019

Well we are in the new shop, we still have services that need to be hooked up and minor set up work to be completed. 3 days after moving the stuff in to the building the pavement was removed not scraped but removed to the dirt creating some challenges but we have marched on and continue to get dialed in, it took 3 weeks to get pavement and now we are able to get the internet people in here and the gas company and the last of the electrical work. Dont know who was in here before us but they only had 2

outlets on the same 20 amp breaker on the same wall...my compressor alone will eat that...also new lighting and other equipment needs power, so yes it is all starting to come together. 


I am also excited because it will allow us to get to work...its been a ride and it will be a good start to the things that we want to accomplish. There have been a lot of delays in this move, from move in date to getting services due to having no pavement.  Still have a few things to get done to dial us in completely.


I have wanted to get updates out earlier but without internet it is impossible to do them the way the site

allows to email them so i just posted to the news page with little effect. i did see some facebook post

with the link so i hope that helped and thank you to the person posting it.


Im going to address a couple things then get you the best update i can as to what is next and what is happening with projects. 


A lot of things have been up in the air waiting on the move. I made the choice to move because it

will make the company better in the long run....LONG RUN...not short run not im shutting down,

The truth is if i was going to shut down i wouldnt have spent a ton of money moving in here...I wouldnt

be pushing to get the orders figured out, i wouldnt be working 16 hour days everyday...I am moving forward with all of the projects we can and i am killing a few for atleast a little while it just what has to be done to fix the company and get us back on line...we have effectivley been dead in the water as far as production for a bit longer then i wanted but it had to be done to take the steps we are in.


I have heard a lot of comments and people have had their say...I have sat back and let it happen

Im frustrated too...I had a choice to make...I made it....I cant change the past but i can effect the future

and it just takes time, which im guessing some of you dont have... 


We are moving forward from here... I am aware of the situation and some of the feelings people have

and i may or may not be able to change them...but im done looking back. I will get us caught up

as quickly as time and money allow...we will get caught up and get back into producing quality kits of cool stuff and be what i started this thing to be...


There are a lot of kits that are in line and as i mentioned before, but we are staring with these:


1/48 Super Corsair, Strega, Dago

1/32 Foxy, Sumthin Else


The first kits to get done, at the momment the molds for SC and Strega are on the bench. I have

Supplies being delivered later this week and the goal is to get the molds done asap and get them

casted and packaged, then the other 2 will follow.. We had planned a different timeline but that has been smashed by the move in hold ups and pavement set backs. 


We will announce the release date when we have a better idea based on the production run.

Also the pre order kits will ship before the release date. After that what ever is left out of the hundred we are casting will be made available via the website.


There are other kits and proects that need addressing and i will but i really need to understand how things will be working here to get a better idea as to release dates.. 


The Pond Racer and Tsunami and the Z are still in progress and we are getting closer, I am excited about

getting them completed...so just hold on a bit longer..I will have a better update when i have all the info i need...so we can be more accurate...things change all the time and i want to pin it down before i say anything else...just know its in the works...


As for other kits i have gotten request for things and really i have no idea at the moment when we will

be able to revisit older kits or stock them..our priority is to get caught up first on all levels. I understand that everyone wants information and you will get it, just changing how we do that from here out.


Some changes:




This is the last long update im putting out from here out they will be closer together and about one thing or two...


No more chat on the website, it has been removed...contact us via email and allow 24 to 48 hours for

response time.


We are going to remove the Facebook page from facebook in a few weeks not  sure it will return. 

so subscribe to the website to get updates


The website will be down for a few days in the next week or so, needs an refresh and update 


We will be adding video updates in october not all but some 


Also adding instagram and other media to allow for instant updates


There are a lot of things that are changing everyday it seems and there is a lot of work to do to get to where we want to be so we are doing it...


If I didt address something and you want information about it please feel free to email me..I will

get back to you in 24 to 48 hours...maybe sooner... or call 714 341 8721 i will pick up if i can and if not leave a message and contact number and i will call you back...


I would like to give you more info but untill i have more of a solid timeline im going to bite my lip..


Talk soon, Im still head down working and getting things done .....Change is good...


Have a great rest of the week, talk soon!!




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