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Civilizedmodels.com September Update

September 6, 2019

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September 20, 2019

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Civilizedmodels.com April 2020 update.....

April 7, 2020


I Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this pandemic....


I wanted to give everyone an update as to where, when, and what is going on here at civilizedmodels. I am aware of the time laps and rough go the company has had over the last couple of years. I have

had the kind of things happen that just make you shake your head, But while doing what i had to do, to be able to make a come back...Im not going to go into all the reasons, but i will say that i have done

what i needed to do, to get back. I enjoy this work and i am excited because the company has gone through a lot of changes to get back and in a better place to do the kind of business that i had wanted to do from the beginning. I realize things could have been better the only thing is that the company has always had a shoestring budget...this required pre-orders to get projects moving and that was the biggest cause for the downward spiral. 


With the advancement of two projects that represented a very, very large portion of the working capital involved that was needed to complete the kits. Ther was no room for anything to go wrong...but it did and that started the cards falling. It left me with no outs and no capital to buy needed material or to be honest, pay ther rent...Well at the end of the short version it put me and civililized in a very bad place...I did what i could with what i had with the intention of getting back into production...a lot has changed since then...well really everything has changed since then. 


Ive kept an ear to the ground and I have done what i could do for folks as i could. I have always made myself available and always tried to talk to customers and when possible give refunds as the funds were available.  I was doing this while trying to get back up and running. I have had issues with email because i have spent a most of the time working to put capitol together to get the shop and to move forward.

There have been setbacks and progress along the way. Still, we kept pushing. and now things are changing in the right way.


I am happy to say that we are in the shop since Sept but at a move in cost that was 5 times higher then expected. Somethings still need to be purchased and set up for large production but we have what we need for now to start getting back orders out and pre orders out and to slowly begin to get back into full production .  With that being said however its not all going to happen overnite.. 


The process of getting back and filling orders and pre orders will be handled on a kit by kit basis. This also means that every kit will need to have new molds made which in turn means that we will have stock of

every kit produced in limited amounts. All new kits and preordered kits from the past and into the future will be released in limited numbers, and will only be made available when we have that number of kits in stock, completed, packaged and ready to ship. I feel this is the biggest change besides having the building to fix past problems.


We will be doing more updates and be more involved starting now...

We will have the website updated as needed for the next few months as well as giving it a facelift. Also the mobile app...and Facebook..so to get info out to you and to give you better insite to the kit releases and updates for all of our products...It will take a little time to get this rolling and progress will be made everyday. I am forced to maintian 

outside employment for now as it is needed to contiue the rebuild until the company can become consistant and get into the black. I will have

a lot more in the coming days and i thank you for your patients to this point...it will have been worth it in the end. i understand that things have been slow or hard to get from us during this time...that ends now.. we have a plan and we are going to do what we set out to do with what we have....at this point we are spending ALL of our capitol

on resolving product issues, and back orders as well as getting the company back to a  stable/growing business.


We are at current having  some issues due to Covid-19, no different then anyone else i would imagine. We are working through them as quickly as we can find ways to.




The photo above is of the newest kit being made for release. It was a pre-order kit from before and now it is in final stage before being made available. The pre order kits will ship before we make it available to all.

It will start shipping in the next week or so...(Waiting on packaging that is held up in shipping solooking for alternate means)


This is the biggest kit; in size and part count we have produced, as well as being a large technical challenge. The kit consist of more then 140 parts. Complete merlin, cowlings...plus more  The pic shows the size of the kit. I will have a lot more information and pics in the next few days..


I wanted to show you the kit breakdown and let you all see we have been working to get back. There are plenty of things to discuss including the other kits and the basic schedule of work and releases, updates and order fulfillment info coming your way in the coming days and weeks...If you have questions please feel free to email me at:


civilizedmodels@gmail.com  ( Just for the next couple of weeks)

or Call me at 714 341 8721 (If i dont answer, leave a messagei will get back to you as i do have outside employment for now) 


i understand this is the 1st update for a while and that everyone has questions or wants more info...It is going to come in parts and in updates as we move forward from here...i will issue updates daily about things till we get it all covered...this is just the start...


Thanks again for your patients and inderstanding, this was not what was expected but i beieve we will resolve all issues in a relativley short period of time...


Talk soon, and please stay safe!!






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