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Hope you are all doing well, I have had a pretty busy month with a lot of stuff that slowly

leads to one more thing less to do. Still in wait mode on a few things, so I don't really have a

lot to say tonight, so I will keep it short for this update.

Right now we are focused on getting all of the BD-5s cast and packed and the 1/72 scale pitts

we will be adding decal options for the 72nd Pitts to match the 1/48th scale Pitts but it may

be a month or 2. All the molds have been renewed. So we will cast a bunch for stock or future

shows. We will also ship any back orderes we have, we started last week.

I have been cleaning up the masters for 48th Dago, Strega, Super Corsair, and the Sea Furies.

There are 2 versions of each plane. So like i mentioned these are on the way.

The 1/32 scale Pond Racer is in Rubber and I will be casting test shots some time before the

end of the month. I am waiting on the landing gear and decals as well.

The black and white Foxy's are both waiting on decals everythng is done for the black version

except decals, The white one is being cast but still waiting on the printed items and have to

do canopies but its all in the works.

So we will call it there, I think i will plan on updates every two weeks. I thought i would have

more to go over. Also we are going to start doing more on social media starting next month

so it fill in the blanks on stuff going on in between updates...

Oh we also have not been able to import all the email addresses into the new blog so we are making

a few changes to clean that up. So we will let you know when its all good to go..

Have a good week and I'll be back with another update on February 8th ...


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