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  • Google+ Reflection 2/8/2021 Update

Hope all is well with all of you, and that the covid issues are not effecting

any of you to badly.

We are in the progress of packing and shipping the last of the back ordered

1/32 and 1/48 BD-5's. Last 9 going out in the next day or 2. Also getting the

last of the 1/48 S1C Pitts that are going out as well, there are only a few of

them, but it is one more back ordered list that is out of the way and closer

to catching up on all.

We are still waiting on a few things to get here for the 1/32 Foxy Lady's as well

as the Pond racer. Decals for Foxy and Pond. It is more an issue with me

converting the artwork properly and it is a lesson for me that will help with

all the future decal sets (big learning curve). The Pond Racer is coming along

well and there will be pictures in the coming weeks. As i start to get the decals

and boxart and instuctions finished. There will also be some other pics of

other 48th & 72nd scale racers that are in progress.

The things we are putting in rubber and boxing now are kits that have

a back order list as well as can be put into stock so that we dont have to

come back to them in the near future thus allowing us to continue to the

next items and still have product to offer.

The website will have kits made available over the coming weeks

as we get back order list knocked out. There really is not much more to update

you on at the moment. We are making good progress and we have parts ordered

that will allow us to knock out the list below.

F1 Racers (All Scale)

1/72 Cessna 150/152

Glasairs (72nd &48th 32nd master has adjustments and those parts are at the 3D print shop

being printed, April completion date targeted)

1/72 Pitts - adjusting instructions and box art, will be available by end of month

after back orders are shipped

There will be many many more over the coming months and I look forward to

the next update having more in the way of releases and shipping information

and dates.

One last note I will have the emails imported to the blog with help this weekend

so the next update should find its way into your email direct.

Next update 2/22/2021



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