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Civilizedmodels.com Update

So I hope all of you are doing well. We have been really busy doing the hurry up and wait as well

as putting stock on the shelves. Im still waiting for some things for the large kits, decals for all the Foxy

Lady Kits And Sumthin Else. Also waiting on Decals and Landing gear for the Pond Racer in 32nd Scale.

But its OK because i have some more work to do on the Pond Racer and the molds. I have been trying to

get her completely out of molds so i can do some test shots should have it all dialed in before the gear gets back.

We are shooting for April shipping on her.

We now have stock on the shelves for 1/48, 1/32 BD-5s. Kind of limited the run to 25 of each kit (version).

We have also got the 72 Pitts all cast up just working to finish vac forming the canopies and then pack and label since we have all of the printed materials back in house. Should ship by the weekend. There are a few other kits that Im hoping to be shipping by months end and they are the Glasairs, 1/72 Cessna 150's, The Sinson 108 and the F-1 Racers in all 3 Scales. I am waiting onmetal gear for the cessna's and I am making new window and canopy molds for the kit.

Still working on the 48th scale racers and will have a couple shipping in late March. I will get some pics out soon.

We are installing new software this week on the blog as we have had no luck getting the emails to import so it may look a little different.

We are making headway and we are doing it better we have stock and will only sale what is in the building. So its a little slower road to get things done.But in no time at all Im certain, we will get caught up and get some old projects completed.

I realize that some of you are still waiting to hear about certain items and you will soon. We just need to continue knocking down the List of to do's .

I missed an udate between this and the last and I apologize for that I did it and left it in drafts.. But covered the info in this

update. I will have another update on 3/29/21. Maybe some other media along the way with pics.

I must admit it feels good looking at a shelves of home grown product and knowing i can ship in minutes now. the website is updated with the new items that are in stock now and will update items a week after we ship back ordered

items first.

Have a great week