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Just an Update

Happy New Year to all I hope it is a great year, maybe a little better then the last year!

I wanted to put out an update to inform everyone what is happening over here. Been meaning

to get these out a little more on the regular, but its been a crazy couple of years around here.

It is getting better and i am happy with the progress we are making. I know you cant see

it as of yet but you will.

We did get pre orders for the 1/32 Foxy Lady shipped but then decided to get decals printed

for them and a few other kits printed by Microscale. It is a very nice kit and it needs decals to match.

We are still in process of getting them it was just a New Skill set to get the artwork right for screen printing

versus a Printer. We will still do our own decals on some kits. We are going to send them out to the

pre order kits that were purchased as soon as they arrive. We will also make the kit available when they arrive.

There are 85 Kits that will be made available as soon as we recieve the decals and can finish sealing up the kit

boxes. The Second Foxy Lady will be shipped to pre orders a week or so after the same decal order arrives

because we will need time to do the same. That kit will be made available a few weeks after the pre orders are

shipped to everyone else.

1/32 Pond Racer is waiting on the Landing Gear to get completed then it will ship to pre orders. It will ship late Jan or early Feb. It to will be made available to everyone a few weeks after the pre orders are shipped. All 3 of the named kits

come with a few extra goodies and are very well packaged and all are numbered. All will only be produced in limited numbers (100) then there done. All kits will be in stock and ready to ship before they are offered. We will announce a start date and then they last as long as they last. This will be true on all kits, but "Limited Edition" kits only go to the number to be produced.

We have been changing the way we do things and that is in the hopes of getting things to be much smoother. We have been re-doing old molds to get product out to folks. In doing so we will be re-releasing kits and building up inventory.

We have started with the following kits as well as making changes to some and the media used. Here is a list of what is in the works and what will be shipping in the coming weeks. There is a lot more to do but we will be working to get there as

quicky as possible. Also I have mentioned before but it is now a full time thing for my son. He will be handling shipping,

updates and social media from here out. His name is Taylor and he will be able to be reached by email ( starting Monday, January 11, 2021. I think these will be good changes and we look forward to a great year.

Here is the list for in works and about to ship out. (Beside mentioned above)

1. 1/32 BD-5's (All Versions):

Molds are done and we have back orders cast and ready we are waiting on instructions and boxart to be printed should have in by weeks end. Was delayed for a few weeks. Will ship the kits as soon as we recieve this order.

2. 1/48 BD-5's:

Same place, same stuff as 32nd

3. 1/48 Pitts:

All are available, only have 24 of each in stock

4. 1/72 Pitts:

We added a few new paint schemes to match 1/48 and we are wainting on boxart and instructions. will be available 3rd week of January

5. 1/72 Cessna 150/152:

Having white metal gear produced and should have back mid Feb. Resin gear was not strong enough with weight for nose gear airplane. It will be much nicer also re-did canopy molds. Hope to ship orders a few days after.

There are a few others but i will update after we get word back on dates. I have a lot to do but this is a good start.

Hope you all Have an amazing 2021!!!

Next Update will be on January 18, 2021

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