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Just Another Update...

Ok, I have to say, this is the oddest time i have lived in....F&*% covid and all

the the politics of the world we live in...I had it, im ok and i will not get those 5 weeks back.

Although I am so happy it didn't kill me...but i'm sure other are not so!

So lets dive into this...I expected more info by now on a few 3rd party things that are

getting done for us. Just not enough to really post about. It's all good though I think

it will just make the final prodct that much better, ill update as we move forward.

So here we go...

I mentioned a few kits in the last update and I've seen and read posts on FB in regards to the

second part of the pre order for Foxy Lady (The White version). Both the black and white

versions are listed on the page as a single kit, and they both have a label saying

"Available Soon"and SOLD OUT. Although to be clear I can't post a picture on the site with

an inventory of zero without the site adding it to the listing, but if i add any number of

inventory to the listing it, will make them available for purchase. We are not going to be

taking pre-orders or payments toward any kit, only available kits listed. So I hope that clarifies

any confusion this causes. Pre order did include both,that will never be available like that


Here is a little more on the last update:

We are still waiting on decals and white metal gear for the kits we mentioned in the

last update. I didn't really go into more then I did in the last update because it was a

lot to cover. I am going to cover more here on the kits we are moving on now. We do

a lot in multiple scales and it really helps and hurts, we also do kits in away where you

can build the history of an airplane. For example we produce just about every version of

the RB-51 from Roto Finish to the Red Baron on its last day in Reno in 1979. Most companies

pick one and thats it, Im not sure they are wrong but I love air racer models...all of them and

its such a small history that i can build them all in three scales in my life time. I look forward

to giving that ago.

1/48 scale racers:

We have a lot to get to and i am really focused on getting these moving to catch up to the kits

we have in the works already. We have sea fury's, a corsair and a couple of mustangs that

are in progress. We have to order some components (Metal Gear) to dial in the kits. We did

make a choice to start looking at having our kits come with microscale decals. The issue

is that it adds more then a month to issue dates but that may not matter based on the time

required to cast and box the kits and aquirre boxart and instructions for the same kit.

The kits on the bench at the moment, that are getting set up to make the molds are

the following. I am focused on the 4 kits to start with:

Dago Red

Strega Early

Super Corsair (Early and Late, the difference is a few parts between kits and decals)

Sea Fury 2 Seat FB.11 and T-20

I am going to focus on these till they are ready for shipping and listing. There are a lot of

variants in that short list as there is 2 versions of Dago Red , 2 versions of Strega and the

Super Corsair and a large group for the sea furies. The reason i do it this way, is that

a lot of the components are the same and only a few make the variants or history of

a particular airframe different then the prior version. Also it helps to do the decals for

different versions is that they share colors or artwork. So it saves money to do it that way

because of colors used for the markings. Furias is a good exmple of that in the early years,

We are converting our artwork for the list to convert to screen printing versus digital

printing and will have an order off to microscale by months end. Based on that , I am

looking to have 2 of these kits cast and ready by the end of February. What i mean by

that is cast and boxed with everything but the decals. When they arrive we will seal up

and ship any pre orders. Then make the kits available to everyone else. We have to put

some focus on each scale and this is where we start with 48th scale racers.

Ill touch on this more in the next update as once again there is a lot to cover here I

understand we all want more info in specific but i need to give everyone a little info as

future updates will be broke down differently and more specific. Im trying to give you

an idea as to where we are and where we are heading and soon i will be in a better position

to do that...this is #2 in 2021 and we have a ton of work to do.

1/72 Scale:

This scale is much easier to deal with as far as catching up. We are planning at the moment

to focus on re-casting the entire collection from the 1st to the last. Then move towards new

releases and there are a lot. We are going to start with 2 a month and i will have that info

for you on the 25th next monday. We are figuring out which 2 solve the most issues first.

I am also referring to racers. There are other kits that fall into other categories that are

already in progress with new molds done and waiting on outsourced parts like the Glasair,

Pitts, and Cessna 150/152 all in 1/72 and 1/48.

So in the near future we will be doing a few things before we release kits. We will announce

the kit and a date that it will go live on the site. We may also start having a reserve list that

you will reserve a kit by adding your name to the list saying you want one when available.

We are trying to determine a baseline for stock and production runs.

The hard part for us is that a lot of people like racers, and thats awesome but it is hard from

our side as there are limited model building race fans and they are not all into the same scales.

If you divide the builders by their scale they build then the market is a 3rd. We are trying to

cater to all of you but i am not sure that is a wise choice as that question plays into everything

we do and it triples our work load as well as cost even though it reduces it as well in many ways.

Well not the work but the cost, and all aspects going into a project...

Well as it stands the 32nd Black Foxy will be availabe as soon as decals arrive, the

white version for pre orders will be a couple weeks behind that and the pond racer most likley

in between. The BD-5s on back order should be finding there way into the mail this week in

48 & 32nd. 1/72 Pitts pitts next week as 48 scale BD-5s

Hope you all survive the week ahead with a new president madness going on! I hope i made

some sense and made the next couple of weeks a little clearer for all. I understand that

it once again doesnt cover everything but its another step closer. We will cover more and do

another update on the 25th of Jan.

Until then be safe!

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